Best Tips For Foot Massage

How To Give a Foot Massage

Foot massage to care feet :

Foot massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treats that you can give yourself or others.
After immersing your feet in  a  combination  of  ½  container of  lukewarm  water ,  a  spoon  of coconut oil and few drops of  hand soap,  you have to rest  for 5-10 minutes .  You can repeat   this   with icy water. This process will soften your feet.
Application of a paste of a spoon of table salt and a spoon of   olive   oil in elbows, arms and legs makes supple and smooth skin.
After applying raw potato juice in arms, clean it 5 minutes later. This procedure will provide you with supple arms.
Your  skin will be made glossy  by the application of a  mixture of  ½  spoon of turmeric  powder  and  1 spoon  of honey . After some time just rinse it off, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.

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