Tips For Foot Skin Care

Regular Cleaning Of Feet

Foot therapy For Foot Skin Care :

Skin care of your feet should be in the same way as the skin care of your face. You can do your own natural foot care products at home. Regular cleaning of feet, washing off all soap and thorough drying particularly   between toes are compulsory. When your feet are tired or uncomfortable, in fact, a foot massage can a difference in how you feel.
Nails should be cut straight across. You cannot shorten them too much and trim them or dig them at corners. It is wrong to smarten, shave or apply over the counter medicines to soften calluses or corns.
It is wise for you to change shocks or stockings daily and not use short or tight ones. You should always wear fresh ones.You should be wear best shoes for your feet, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.

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