How to Make All Purpose Herbal Foot Cream

Make Herbal Foot CreamAll-purpose herbal foot cream moisturizes conditions and tones the leg skin till the ankle. It is a thick cream that is absorbed thoroughly by the skin. It must be used regularly before sleeping to maintain the smoothness of foot skin.

Herbal foot cream revitalizes the exhausted feet and nourishes it. Majority of people have fully dehydrated feet which can be easily noticed with scaly white creases above the heel and below the fingers. In addition the foot skin looks completely lifeless. All this can be treated with all-purpose herbal foot cream.

Ingredients Required for Herbal Foot Cream
Castor Oil: 3 Tablespoons (45 ml)
Beeswax: 2 Teaspoons (10ml)
Peppermint Oil: 15 Drops
Rosemary Oil: 15 Drops

Castor Oil readily gets absorbed in the foot skin. It detoxifies the healthy skin cells. In addition it stimulates the circulation of oxygen and blood within the skin cells and tissues. On the other hand the solvent property of castor oil dissolves the damaged or dead skin cells. It makes skin of the foot soft and brings an amazing shine which is rare to notice. In order to achieve all these benefits of castor oil ensure to use exclusively the cold pressed castor oil which is hexane free else any other kind of castor oil might clog the skin pores. The scientific name of the castor plant is Ricinus Communis.

Beeswax is a colorless liquid that provides a protective shield to the foot skin from the attack of chemicals in the cleaning products, hard water and all the environmental factors. It locks the moisture of the feet thereby prevents the skin dryness. Scientifically it is known as Cera Alba.

Peppermint Oil soothes and cools the exhausted foot skin. It has the ability to enhance the blood flow and relax the nerves of the feet. It also helps in reducing the pain in the feet if any. It also safeguards the foot from all sort of skin allergies and infections. In scientific terminology it is referred as Mentha x Piperita.

Rosemary Oil removes the foot skin dryness as well as gives relief from pain. It also tones the skin. This oil has wonderful aroma that assists in fighting the foot odor. It protects the foot skin from every kind of foot skin diseases. It is known as Rosmarinus Officinalis in scientific terms.

Method to Prepare Herbal Foot Cream
Put a vessel (having heavy bottom) on medium flame to melt the beeswax. Once the beeswax is melted 50% lower the flame and add castor oil. Stir the mixture continuously. After the wax is liquidized completely turn off the flame. Let the temperature of mixture come down a little then add peppermint and rosemary essential oils. Mix it to have a uniform consistency mixture.
Pour it in a wide-mouth jar and allow it to cool down completely. When it cools down the cream shall solidify then it would be safe to close the lid. Keep the jar at dark place away from sunlight.

Application of All-Purpose Herbal Foot Cream
Just before sleeping, wash the legs till the ankle thoroughly under the running water. Using pumice stone rub the heels to remove all accumulated dirt and pat dry. Now take the herbal foot cream and apply it on the feet till the ankle. Massage one leg with both hands for 5 minutes then repeat the same with another leg. Put on the cotton socks and sleep well. Next morning remove the socks and feel the softness of feet skin.

Apply it regularly to nourish and condition the feet. This all-purpose herbal foot cream is a complete skin care pack for feet. Use it and feel the difference!

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