How To Treat Your Legs

Maintain Your Legs

Best treatments for your legs:

Natural Beauty Tips  advises, Legs must be cleansed with   clean water and wiped with hygienic towels.
You can   brighten your dark knees   by application of a combination of   curd, lemon fluid, and wheat flour and after 5 minutes, rub it off.
After immersing your legs in lukewarm water for 5 minutes and massaging with pumice stone, apply cold lotion.

Just before bathing you have to rub your leg or whole body with either
10 drops of sandalwood oil or 100 ml coconut oil or olive oil.
Waxing or shredding causes unattractive goose bumps or gooseflesh  
damaging the look of legs. The following massage to your foot  is to be repeated   
over    and over     again.   You have to begin rubbing from ankles to
the starting of thighs   in a rotational movement applying plenty of
soap. Then after   rinsing you have to dry your legs with a towel using
an upward movement from your feet.  When the skin is temperate and the
pores are unlocked, rubbing is required with high-quality body and hand
cream so as to enrich the skin.  Coarse heels and knees should be given
extra care.
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