Tips For Glowing Feet

Glowing Skin Feet

 All of us desire flawless skin and fabulous feet :

Natural Beauty Tips advises, Cleaning your body with a paste  of  1 cup lemon juice , 2 tablespoons or less  olive oil , Cinnamon (for smell), ¼ cup  milk and  sufficient quantity of  water  will give you revitalized and perfumed skin.
It depends on you whether you want to change cinnamon with another spice, or flower petals like that of roses or scent.
After its preparation, you can   deposit it in a bathtub where   you can immerse your body or feet.

               Subsequently, you should wash your feet with a gentle soap and water. Its weekly application will make your skin glossy soft.
Over time these entire processes can save your money   and time. Your
feet may suffer from ugly    burns. It is   easier to put on any
footwear except sandals, with burned feet. Doctor’s advice is
required   for your spotty, uneven   or bleeding   feet before it is
too late.  Vaseline can simply   worsen that inflamed   part.

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