3 Best Natural Oils to Stop Hair Fall

Natural oil  remedy to stop the hair fall

Every day to look at falling hair is very painful but we women are helpless. Umpteen treatments be it naturopathy, allopathy or homeopathy does not help much! Sometimes it is better to go back to the old systems and try hands on home remedies. 

Hibiscus Oil
Massage with hibiscus oil prevents hair fall, split ends and dandruff.  The oil should be made from only red flower as other colors hibiscus does not have hair fall controlling properties. When applying the oil on scalp first warm it a little then put it on scalp gently with finger tips. Massage for 15-20 minimum once in a week and allow the oil to get absorbed by the roots for next 3-4 hours. Later shampoo the hair. Once or twice oil massage in a week with hibiscus oil shall be helpful in reducing the hair fall.
Amla Oil
Amla oil is rich in ingredients helpful in strengthening the hair thereby limits the hair fall. It should be applied on the scalp a night before the hair wash. Give tender massage for 20 minutes followed by tucking the entire hair strand in a very loose plait. Next day morning wash hair with mild shampoo. 
Mustard Oil
Hair scalp massage with mustard oil helps hair roots to gain necessary strength hence lessen hair fall. It is ideal to apply on previous night to hair wash. A good 15 minutes massage once a week is recommended. 
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