The Treatment and Prevention of Head Lice Infestation

Head Lice InfestationLice infestation is a common problem across the globe. Girls and women get affected to it soon. It can occur either due to rainy season or by coming in close contact with the person infested with lice. The lifecycle of lice is one month. Once the head is infested with lice it is crucial to treat this problem immediately.

Head Lice is an ectoparasite found on the scalp. This infection is referred as pediculosis. It is a common problem in human beings especially women and girls as they have longer hairs than men and boys. In school and preschools this is one of the most widespread predicaments which everyone is scared off. It can occur either during rainy season when the hairs gets wet with rain water or when an individual’s head comes in contact with some other person’s head who is infested with lice. Also if one uses the hair accessories and comb already infested with lice then there are chances that lice would occur soon.

Lifecycle of Lice
The lifecycle of lice has three forms which completes in 30 days. The first stage is nit, the egg of the lice. It looks like dandruff, very small white dots mostly at the hair roots. Second is lymph, when it turns into lice and is very tiny. Finally the last form is adult lice; it causes severe itching on the scalp.

Symptoms of Lice Infestation

  • When lice moves in the hair, once can move a tickling feeling.
  • After the lice moves on the scalp, it bites to suck the blood. As soon as it bites it causes allergic reaction that leads to itching. The lice infested person feels the severe itching on scalp and scratches the scalp with the nails.
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  • Excessive scratching leads to sores on the head.
  • When the lice are not treated, it becomes uncontrollable that the individual suffering from lice infestation feels difficult to sleep well or concentrate fully on any task.

Consequences of Lice Infestation
Lice are very small but it shows the way to ruthless tribulations.

  • Lice make the hair root very weak. It leads to hair loss.
  • It constantly bites the scalp which results in brutal scratching on the scalp. The constant scalp scratching causes dandruff.
  • It sucks the blood from the scalp. If not controlled, in extreme cases it weakens the memorization ability in kids.

Treat Lice with Regular Combing
National Pediculosis Association recommends combing the hair everyday with a lice comb/nit comb/tweezers. It is the comb having sharp, thin and closely held tooth/bristles. The lice infested person must comb daily using this comb. First 2-3 days adult lice would come out, after that lymph that turns into adult lice comes out and then after seven days the nits that hatch into lymph are removed while combing. It is certainly a time consuming method but is effective over use of chemically produced anti-lice shampoo and medicines. It must be done everyday for best results. Infact even when lice is not there, it is suggested to use lice comb as it shall ensure that the hair is free from lice forever.

The bottom line of the discussion on lice infestation is that it must be treated as early as possible. One should not take it lightly as it might lead to big issues. It can be treated with regular combing and with home remedies that are effectual in keeping the scalp free from lice, lymph and nits.

Grind a garlic clove to fine paste and mix it in some lemon juice. Rub down the paste into the hair roots in the night before going to sleep. In the morning, have a good head bath. Wash the hair thoroughly. The pungent chemicals in the garlic will kill the lice overnight, and the morning bath will remove their dead bodies from the hair. This remedy must be continued for four to five days. The lice will completely be gone from the scalp. This is one of the important natural remedy for head lice.

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