How to get rid Of Head Lice and Keep them away permanently using Neem

Neem for Head Lice CureNeem is ideal for making the scalp free from all three forms of lice. Neem for head lice is a good choice for lice free. It is the medicinal plant hence, it is 100% safe to use without any worries for any side effects. It is even harmless to use for children. The fruit and leaves of the tree are applied on the scalp in form of paste.

Confiscate Lice with Neem Leaves and Garlic Mix
Take 7-8 Neem leaves and thoroughly wash it in running water. Now grind the leaves along with 5-6 garlic cloves to fine paste and mix it in some lemon juice. Add water as required but ensure the paste should be moderately thick. Rub down the paste into the hair roots in the night before going to sleep. Next morning wash hair scrupulously. While taking the hair wash all forms of lice shall be cleaned from the scalp. This remedy must be continued for four to five days to make the scalp utterly clean.

Chuck Out Lice with Neem Fruit Pack
The fruit of Neem tree is known as ‘Nimbor’. It is very small in size. When it is raw it is dark green in color. It turns yellow when it is ready to be utilized. It is excellent in removing the lice from the scalp completely. When the fruit is ready it falls down from the tree to the ground. Pick it all and collect it in a bag. Then after, put in the hot sun for drying.

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It would take 2-3 hot sunny days to dry the fruit fully. Once it is dried up, remove its skin and take out the seed inside it. Do it for all and gather together the seeds. Wash the seeds with water and grind it the mixer putting little water to make fine paste. The paste should not be too liquid else it would run down the hair.

Apply this paste on the hair roots with the help of a cotton ball. Ensure to cover up the entire scalp. Then take all the hair together, tie a bun and put on the shower cap. Leave it as it is for 4-5 hours. Then take the hair wash thoroughly with water and little hair shampoo. After the hair dries up in natural air, massage the scalp with lukewarm oil. Let it stay overnight. Next morning clean the hair and scalp with shampoo as in normal routine. It is very effective in get rid of lice along with lymph and nits. Only in two sincere attempts the scalp shall be absolutely clean.

As soon as the paste is applied there would be itching and discomfort. Just keep the will power strong and allow the paste to do the needful in the scalp. After taking the first hair wash, the hairs would become dry that’s why oil massage is done. These are not side effects but after effects of applying the neem fruit pack. Do not be scared of it. It is the uneasiness for few hours which is best to be tolerated because later the scalp becomes free from lice forever. Infact, after using this home remedy for removing lice from scalp there are very less chances of reoccurrence of lice infestation. Hence, a little distress for perpetual clean scalp is fine. Hope you agree!

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