Treatment For Greasy Hair/ Removing Greasy Hair

Treatment For Greasy Hair

Greasy hair homemade treatment advise

From the description of Natural Beauty Tips, An excess of sebum from sebaceous glands lying next to hair follicle is the reason for oily hair. The extension of sebum along the shaft is caused by the matting of hair as well as resistance of one against the other. It is impossible to suppress the disproportionate activity of the sebaceous glands, so the solution is regular washing of greasy hair with dry shampoo in comparison to normal combination hair, unlike dry hair as this kind of hair is more prone to dirt.

 Greasy hair is caused   as result of anxiety, hormonal activity during puberty and childbirth, thyroid tribulations and eating too much fatty foods and chocolates. Although greasy hair demands frequent washing, it is wise for you not to scrub your hair too hard. Instead of cleaning or lessening the oiliness it will worsen the already overactive sebaceous glands on your scalp. This will lead to injury of the weak follicles.  Don”t Apply dry hair treatment like oil washing for greasy hair. It is adviseable use the basic natural hair care tips mentioned in Although models look great when they pile their hair while shampooing your hair in ads, it is not wise for you to do so since it causes tangling
leading to further splintering.<br&g

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