How to Apply Shampoo For Your Hair

Shampoo For Dry Hair

Shampooing :

 Hair treatment promises clean and gorgeous hair. A well-known shampoo should be chosen for suiting your hair type. The active ingredients contrast with each other in regard to their quality. The function of a shampoo is careful rinsing without de-moisturizing the scalp.  There lies its significance over   the acid and alkali balance. Excessive   rinsing de-moisturizes your scalp making it dry.
 Excessive shampooing has both merits and demerits—it makes the hair dirt free as well as harms through removal of   too much moisture and oil.  Additives like   herbs and fruit or protein do not affect the hair”s condition.
 Oily hair demands washing once daily and shampooing more than once or twice a week. Excessive washing is unsuitable in case of dry hair. When you have less time you can use dry shampoos, made of oil- absorbing fine powder to refresh your hair.
 The work of a conditioner is to make each hair more light ¬reflective and also preventing penetration of anything harmful to the inner core.
 As tap water is mildly alkaline, hair that is dried straightaway after shampooing may become charged with static electricity making it flyaway and difficult to manage. In order to counteract the alkalinity   our grandmothers added vinegar or lemon juice to   the final rinsing water. Now days we use cream rinse or shampoo after every shampoo.  They stabilize the pH value of the hair, they include &

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