Homemade Shampoo that makes your hair thicker and longer

Prepare organic shampoo at homeHomemade shampoo helps in stopping hair fall and retaining thickness and dark color of hair. The main ingredients used in the shampoo rather in this solution are shikakai, ritha and amla. These three are very effective in removing the dirt from the scalp, strengthens the hair roots and provides necessary nutrition to the hair to grow thick and stronger. Since many years this homemade solution is used for washing hair by women. It is prepared in three simple steps.

Organic shampoo Preparation

Step 1: Soak one handful of shikakai (7-8pieces), 3-4 ritha balls and 4-5 amla pieces in two cups water. Keep it so for 10-12 hours (overnight). It is suggested to soak the ingredients in an iron vessel.

Step 2: Next, boil the water having all three ingredients on low flame till the water reduces to half. Allow the boiled solution to cool at room temperature. 

Step 3:
Try to mash shikakai, ritha and amla which would have become tender after boiling. It can be done by hand. Finally filter the solution to get decoction.
The decoction needs to be used fresh and cannot be stored. It acts as a shampoo plus conditioner. Note that ritha is also called as soapnut.

How to apply Homemade hair thickening Shampoo

Shampoo prepared at home with shikakai, ritha and amla has to be used with utmost care. To have good results it is best to apply on dry hairs. When taking bath, before putting water on head apply the prepared decoction nicely all over the scalp and hair just as applying hair oil. Move the fingers on the scalp as in oil massage for 3-4 minutes. Next take hair wash with lukewarm water. Remember it takes lot of water to rinse the homemade shampoo.

When applying the decoction or while rinsing the hairs ensure the eyes are closed tightly. The solution if comes in touch with eyes might lead to some irritation. It would surely not cause any injury but slight discomfort would be felt. Hence, keep the eyes tightly closed.

The solution prepared is quite strong so it is recommended to apply it on oiled hair. However, a good oil massage on scalp and hair is certainly better done prior to hair wash.

After the hair wash, the hair would be left silky but slight oily feeling on the hair might be felt. Do not worry, try Homemade Organic Herbal Oil Conditioner and  keep up the patience as after few hours the hair will regain the bounce and natural shine. 

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