Apply Conditioner For Hair Highlights

Highlights Hair

Hair shaft conditioner to hair highlights :

                Hair which is longer than 30 cms has been dead for around three years!
                To bring back a lasting change in the condition of anything dead is just next to impossible. So if we try to revive our hair, our effort is fruitless and transient.  It is worth bearing in mind that given its average growth rate, hair that is more than 30 cms long has been dead for around three years. That does not mean your problem   has no solution. If applied, a conditioner can help in curing your dull hair.
        The following method will help you revive your sick hair.  The scales of keratin lie smoothly on healthy hairs one on top of the other. Due to our ignorance and   inadequate care   the scales become curled   at the edges, rough or even disengaged. We say that   a person’s hair is in good condition if the hair has scales rather like a bird’s wing when the feathers are ruffled.   So a conditioner is very much in demand for restoring hair’s appearance.

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