Natural gray hair cure using herbal tonic diet

Homemade Remedies for gray hair cure  Curry leaves for natural Gray Hair Treatment:
A Curry leaf is also known as ‘mita neem’. It is widely used in South Indian Cooking. Regular consumption of 4-5 curry leaves in regular diet always help in maintaining the natural hair color. It gives the strength to hair follicle to produce the melanin pigment. It also provides energy and potency to hair roots. It can also be boiled in coconut oil and can be used to massage the hair roots gently on the scalp to fuel the hair pigmentation.

Curd and pepper powder for Gray Hair Treatment
Curd is also very helpful in keeping hair roots strong. It should necessarily be part of daily diet at lunch as a gray hair treatment diet. In addition to diet, it must be applied directly on the scalp.

How to prepare gray hair treatment paste?
For the gray hair treatment, take 100gms of curd in a bowl, add 1 gm black pepper powder and mix well. Apply it evenly on the scalp and leave it for an hour. Later using mild Hair shampoo takes the hair wash. This should be done once in week to have dandruff free hair and controlling of gray hair.

Omega3 in Emuoil for Hair Treatment with Emu Oil:
Hair needs omega 3 along with vitamin B components. Emu oil is the only the rich source of Omega 3. The scalp must be massaged with this oil once in a week in order to provide omega 3 to hair follicle that would help melanocytes cells to produce sufficient quantity of melanin pigment so as to keep the hair black.

Gray hair supplements:
Vitamin B is essential element for healthy hair follicle. 10 mg of pantothenic acid, 100 mg of para-aminobenzoic acid and 2 gm of inositol are important constituents of vitamin B. It is difficult to absorb these vitamins in the daily diet. Therefore, if an individual is open for taking supplements then tablets of calcium pantothenate and para-aminobenzoic acid (paba) can be taken once in a day after food. These tablets fulfill the vitamin B requirement in the body through which hair can be retained in its natural color.

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