Gray Hair styles for men

Gray Hair Styles for MenAn apposite gray hair style is important for men too. The hair styles for men are simple and less complicated as compared with the females. Few common hair styles for men always in trend are

Crew hair cut style Short tousled cut and spikes. These look very hot on men. Crew cut suits any normal facial cut having regular features. It is ideal gray hair style for men in early thirties having gray hair because in this style the hairs are cut very short that hides transparent hair completely within the other natural black or brown or blonde color hair.

Tousle hair cut style is very popular as it gives strong look to handsome men. The gray hair coloring is more dramatic look in this hair cut. If someone is open to experiment new hair techniques then long hair cut is also a good option. If it suits and one can carry it off with the confident attitude then it could be tried for couple of months.

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