Premature Gray Hair prevention and cure

These days it is very common to see males and females in their early 20s having gray hair. Also few kids in their teens or even before thirteen years of age are likely to have the undesirable transparent hair. It is referred as premature graying of hair. It is known to everyone that due to lack of melanin in the scalp the hair turn gray. This chemical pigment is produced by melanocytes cells present in hair follicle. It is obvious that with growing age these cells become weak and produce less quantity of melanin required to maintain the natural black or brown color of hairs. But, in young age melanocytes cells are healthy yet it generates inadequate quantity of melanin in the hair scalp resulting in premature graying of hair. Then why people in young age suffer from pPremature gray Hairremature white hair which forces them to look little older than their usual age.
Causes of Premature Gray Hair: Melanocytes cells would produce imperative hair pigment melanin in fewer amounts because of faulty diet and not-so good lifestyle. Too much junk food, low calorie food items along with aerated drinks are incapable of supplying essential vitamin B, iron, copper and iodine to the cells. Due to deficiency of these important minerals in cells it looses the strength to generate the required amount of melanin for the hairs. Also, people too much busy in their hectic schedules fail to eat right food at the right time and as a result body is unable to get the balance diet. The unbalance diet falls short of the necessary nourishment required by the body tissues and cells. Young boys and girls smoke a lot just to be part of hap lifestyle. Slowly and gradually it becomes their habit. The smoke inhaled inside crumbles body cells and tissue much before its natural life. So hair cells are bound to get affected and as result hair go gray. Today across the globe people face cut throat competition in their personal and professional life and so they push themselves too much to sustain in the competition. This gives rise to mental worries and stress which in turn creates extra strain in the brain and so in the scalp skin. Too much tension in the head skin impedes to deliver vital sustenance needed to produce melanin for maintaining the healthy hair.There are also few other causes of premature hair in children and adults. Heredity is the most common reason. Body has insufficient or unhealthy melanocytes cells since birth that’s comes through the family genes. Unclean scalp is also one of the premature gray hair causes. Ideally every individual must wash their hair minimum twice in a week. The dirt that settles on the scalp affects the smooth functioning of hair cells. Hair must always be washed with cold water. Hot water makes the hair root very week and so the hair follicle. Same way too much use of electric dryer or hair dyes weakens the hairs from top to bottom. Few diseases like anemia, thyroid imbalance and AB-12 deficiency also are general reason for premature gray hair.
Premature Gray Hair Treatment: With the help of home remedies and few specialized medical treatments it is possible to stop premature gray hair but to expect to turn all the existing gray hair into natural hair color is almost unfeasible.
gooseberriesIndian gooseberry is natural tonic for hair. It is also called as amla. Cut into pieces and dry in hot sun. Once the amla pieces are dried boil it coconut oil and massage the hair scalp with this oil. With regular use of oil, it shall enrich hair growth and hair pigmentation.
curry leavesSimilarly boil curry leaves (used in South Indian cooking) in coconut oil and use this oil twice in a week to kindle the hair growth. Vitamin B is very important for healthy functioning of melanocytes cells. Food items rich in vitamin B must be included in diet such as whole grains, yoghurt, lentils and green leafy vegetables. These remedy would surely prevent the premature gray hair.
Gray hair in young age is certainly not good. Adopting less fancy and more quality lifestyle, intake of balance diet and stress free brain would lessen the premature gray hair. Just to be in fashion which is temporary it is not wise to spoil the natural gifts for rest of the life. Apposite care and precaution of hair is more crucial as it would prevent the hair to go gray and people can look as per their true age or may be less than that but definitely not more.

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