Homemade remedy to prevent Gray hair

Natural Gray Hair Treatment with Brahmi and BringarajaThe commonly found Gooseberry (amla), Brahmi and Bringaraja herbals in India, can be used to prevent the gray hair spreading in sideburns and temple. Brahmi averts the hair turning gray. Indian gooseberry mixed with coconut oil enhances hair pigmentation and enriches.These two Indian herbs are very effective in keeping hold of healthy hair follicles and pigment cells which eventually prevent the gray hairs. These are available in form of powder or liquid. Everyday, after breakfast, these have to be taken with water as medicines. Brahmi is efficient in returning back the scalp’s normal oil production thus averts hair from turning gray while Bringaraja also known as king of hair improves the blood circulation in hair and ensures healthy functioning of melanocytes cells.

Natural Gray Hair Treatment with Indian Gooseberry:
Indian Gooseberry is a round green color fruit citrus in nature. It is also known as ‘amla’. It is very helpful in controlling the gray hair.

Gray Hair treatment oil using Indian remedy
First cut the fruit into 5-6 pieces and keep it to dry. Then boil the dried amal pieces in coconut oil till the oil turns dark. Store the oil in the bottle. Massage the scalp thoroughly with this oil the previous night before the hair wash. Also soak few dried amla pieces in water in night. In morning, mash it up nicely in the same water (it may not mash fully) and sieve it. Apply Hair shampoo then rinse hair with this water. Finally wash hairs with clean water. This process provides hair with natural hair tonic that enhances the hair pigmentation and enriches the hair growth.
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