Find Cure from your Kitchen

Medicine from your Kitchen
Garlic Ginger Lime Apple cider vinegar Natural Honey Red Wine
1 Lowers total cholesterol Yes
2 Lowers LDL cholesterol Yes Yes Yes
3 Raises HDL cholesterol Yes Yes Yes
4 Lowers blood triglycerides Yes
5 Makes blood platelets less sticky Yes
6 Reduces arterial plaque formation Yes Yes
7 Prevents blood vessels from becoming blocked Yes
8 Prevents the formation of blood clots in the body Yes Yes Yes
9 Expands blood vessels Yes Yes Yes
10 Increases blood flow Yes
11 Acts as a blood thinner Yes
12 Lowers blood pressure Yes Yes Yes
13 Reduces the risk of heart disease Yes
14 Increases insulin release Yes
15 Regulates blood sugar levels in diabetics Yes Yes Yes Yes
16 Protects from diabetes complications Yes
17 Prevents type 2 diabetes Yes
18 Prevents weight gain Yes Yes Yes
19 Burns fat Yes
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