Homemade Herbal Medicine

Nowadays  people believe that commercially manufactured medicine are better than home-made herbal medicine, thanks to rigorous publicity. Further, ambiguities in communication by physician consultants too make things complicated.
As widely understood, preparation of herbal cosmetics at home is not an impossible task, thanks to Ayurveda and also they are as good as their commercial counterparts. However, as no preservatives are added, it is advisable that they are prepared in small quantity due to short shelf-life. Further, home-made herbal cosmetics have an edge over commercial products as genuine ingredients are mixed in proper proportions, which make products authentic. Here below are few of the herbal medicine that will introduce you to range of Herbal wonders.
Heal Your Diabetic Feet with Manjista
According to a clinical research, it has been found that Rubiacardifolia, popularly known as Manjista or Maddar, is highly effective in healing diabetic ulcers.
Garlic Oil – Your Answer for Warts
Add freshly peeled and chopped garlic cloves to olive oil. Dab the oil on the wart with a cotton swab or on an adhesive bandage and apply to the wart.
How to prepare?
Refrigerate the chopped garlic cloves in the oil overnight. Strain out the cloves and pour the oil into a small bottle Refrigerate for longer preservation
Papaya as known helps reduce the effect of stress and strain of modern life on the skin. It acts as an exfoliative agent, removes dead cells and peels away dry skin.
Raw papaya juice has potent bactericidal properties and is used for many skin infections such as corns, warts and pimples. In skin burn papaya pulp juice is a good natural healing agent.
Herbal Remedy for Dandruff
Make a fine paste of poppy seeds by adding required quantity of milk. Apply on the scalp.
Protective Lip Salve
How to prepare this homemade herbal remedy?
  • Fresh juice of carrot 10 ml
  • Wheat germ oil, beeswax 15 ml
Mix the ingredients well and apply.
Homemade herbal medicine for drying and cracking lips
The lip salve prevents chapping, drying and cracking of the lips and is suitable for all skin types.
Nourishing Cream
Dry and Crack lip medicine at home
  • 2 tablespoons – Cocoa butter
  • 2 tablespoons – Emulsifying wax
  • 1 tablespoon – Beeswax
  • 4 tablespoons – Sesame oil
  • 1 teaspoon – Almond oil.
How to Apply it on Crack Lip
Put all these ingredients together on medium heat and stir. When the mixture melts, remove it from heat, but continue stirring till it cools. While cooling, add a few drops of perfume and the result is a thick paste. Store this in a bottle.
Apricot kernel oil for delicate skin
The oil is often used in hairdressing and massage oils. It is an excellent softener for the delicate skin around eyes, mouth and neck. It can be used as cent percent base blend.
Cocoa Butter
A wonderful skin lubricant, cocoa butter is the solid fat from the roasted-seed of the cocoa plant (Theobroma cocoa), which is composed of 40 to 50 percent solid butter fat. It is solid at room temperature and a wonderful additive to lotions, creams and soaps, especially for thickening texture.
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