Tips For Hand Manicure At Home

At Home Hand Manicure The right procedure to how to do the perfect manicure at home is as follows:

1. After removing nail polish hold on the nail for a few seconds with a cotton ball moistened in remover and then swipe from the cuticle to the tip.
2. your nails needs filing and shaping. For maximum strength you can cut nails straight across, rounding them slightly across and slightly at the sides.
3.  Elimination of ridges on finger nails needs the use of a medium – grade buffer over the nail bed, softly working back and forth.

4.   4 minutes after the application of a cuticle remover, the nail  
may be inserted in a small bowl filled with warm water and a gentle
liquid soap.
5.  your nails require cuticle cream
6.  after wrapping   a tiny piece of cotton around the tip of an orange
stick you can use small circular movements to remove any fragments form
the nail bed and push back the cuticle. Then you have to wipe off nail
bed, and then use clippers to clip off any hanging or protruding nails
on the side.
7.  Before the application   of a base coat to the nail, a cotton ball
soaked in remover can be used to get rid of oily remains on the nail
 The last step is application of the varnish of the color that you choose, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.
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