Growing Healthy Nail Tips

Growing Healthy Nail TipsForm the descriptions of Natural Beauty Tips, Nails make a person more attractive. A hand massage will boost your circulation, encourage nail growth and is the perfect way to pamper yourself. Brittle and yellowing nails are the common problems. Over-exposure to the sun, a poor diet or the prolonged use of commercial nail hardeners   causes brittleness.
Hardeners or polishes containing formaldehyde should be avoided for their   drying effect on nails. A waterproof coating is to be tried   for sealing   moisture   in the nail and repelling water and dirt. A waxy lip balm can is best for moisturizing nails. Absence of a   base coat underneath your regular polish causes yellowing of the nails. If   it is nail fungus it needs cure. Discolored nails can be lightened   with a whitening scrub containing a mild abrasive, or with a remover containing a lemon juice -like ingredient that bleaches out the yellow color.

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