Natural Herbal Hand Care

All – Purpose Herbal Hand CareIn everyday routine activities hands needs to perform a lot. The skin of the hands comes in contact with many substances like cleaning products, cooking ingredients and so on. In addition numerous times in a day hands are washed with water. All these make the hand skin dry and scaly. Therefore it is essential to take little herbal care for maintaining the hand skin soft and supple.

Improve the Texture of Hands with Herbal Lemon Mix
Texture of the hands gets ruined when the natural moisture in the hands is lost and the skin becomes exhausted. However, no matter what everyday activities have to be done yet the feel of hand skin could be kept soft with application of herbal lemon mix. To prepare this mix one would need –

Granulated Sugar: 1 Tablespoon (15 ml)
Fresh Lemon Juice: 1 No (big size)

Lemon has the natural skin cleansing property thereby brightens and softens the skin. It exfoliates the dead skin cells and shows the way to new cells. The scientific name of lemon is Citrus Limon.

Sugar hydrates the skin. It provides the skin with required nutrients. Its scientific name is Disaccharide.

Method to Use Herbal Lemon Remedy
Take the granulated sugar on one palm of the hand. On the sugar squeeze the lemon juice fresh from the lemon wedge. Mix it well with the finger tip of other hand. Now, rub this mixture on both the hands in circular motion. Keep doing so for 7-8 minutes. Initially it would feel as a gritty surface but after 2-3 minutes the sugar shall melt with heat in the hand skin and it shall turn like a glaze. Continue to work this glaze and after the set time is over leave the glaze on the hands for another 5 minutes.

Later rinse hands with lukewarm water and pat dry the hands with soft cotton linen. In the end apply 4-5 drops of almond/olive oil for restoring the natural moisturizer in the skin. For best result use this herbal lemon mix to improve the hand texture once in a month.
Burn Relief with Potato Juice

Once in while it is possible that hand skin gets burned when working in kitchen. In such a situation do not panic and use a simple herbal remedy of applying potato juice. It requires one big potato.

Potato has the skin cooling property. The skin absorbs the moisture of potato and feels relieved. In scientific terminology it is called as Solanum Tuberosum.

Method to Use Burn Relief Remedy
Peel the potato and grate it. Squeeze the juice from the grated potato and immediately apply it on burnt skin which is prior thoroughly kept under the running water for 2-3 minutes. Dab the juice continuously on the skin till the burning sensation cools down. It can be repeated 4-5 times in a day for early recovery.

In case it is not possible to grate it then simple cut the potato slices and keep it on the burnt area near to one another in a way that it touches the skin. It shall give the relief and also there shall be no scar later on.

Use these herbal remedies and maintain the soft and smooth hand skin forever!

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