Tea Tree Oil Herbal Home Remedy for Curing Nail Fungus

 Home Remedy for Curing Nail FungusNail fungal infection might sound a simple thing but it is very much dangerous as it can be transferred from one person to another. And in case it is not attended then it can lead to much more serious skin troubles. Hence, treat the fungal infection giving high priority with tea tree oil herbal home remedy.

The fungal infection in nail is called as Onychomycosis. It occurs when microscopic fungus enters the nail through a small cut in the nail. It can be noticed when nails turn thick and discolored along with the acute pain. Poor hygiene is not the reason behind nail fungus. As such there is no particular cause identified after this fungal infection. Wet or damp nails are more prone to this nail issue. It is the problem more commonly seen in the feet. Nail fungus can be treated by tea tree oil herbal home remedy.

Ingredients Required for Nail Fungus Herbal Home Remedy

Tea Tree Oil – 1 Teaspoon
Olive Oil – 1 Teaspoon
Thyme Oil – 1 Teaspoon

Tea tree oil cures nail fungus with its natural antiseptic and fungicide properties. It is ideal to treat the nail fungal infection. It contains natural monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and terpene alcohols that disinfect the nail from fungus. Soon after application on nail it gets till the bottom skin layer and treats the nail with its anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, analgesic (pain-killing) characteristics. Its scientific name is Melaleuca Alternifolia.

Olive oil smoothen the cuticles and nourishes it with most of the required nutrients. It is has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties crucial for healthy nails. It also strengthens the brittle nails. Olive oil assists in curing the infection of the nail and prevents the swelling if any. Scientifically it is known as Olea Europaea.

Thyme oil is extracted from thyme herb which is very delicate but has the superb incisive fragrance. This herb contains Thymol which is known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal actions. Due these properties Thyme oil is used to treat the nail fungal infection. The scientific name of thyme is Thymus Vulgaris.

Preparation Method of Herbal Home Remedy for Nail Fungal Infection
The oils used must be pure and concentrated. Mix all three oils together in a bowl. Blend it well to make one mixture.

Application Way for Nail Fungus Tea Tree Oil Herbal Remedy
Slightly warm the mixture. Put 2-3 drops of this oil mix on the nails having the fungus issue. Then after massage it thoroughly till the time oil is completely absorbed in the nails. Let the nail rest for 10 minutes so that oil gets deep inside the nails. Next gently scrub the infected nail with a toothbrush in order to remove the fungus. Scrubbing the nail shall remove the top layer of the nail that is having maximum fungus. Use this herbal remedy for a fortnight everyday to cure the nail fungus. Slowly and gradually the infected nail shall get back its natural color and also become soft. Even after the fungus is removed, it is recommended to use this remedy as preventive measure once in a week.

Nails are the mirror of internal health that means the natural pinkish color of nails conveys the hale and hearty well being. If the fungus gets in its way then use this tea tree oil herbal home remedy and get back the lost natural color!

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