Tips On Healthy Nail Care | Minerals to Strengthen Nails

Minerals and Vitamins for Helathy NailsNails are the strongest and hardest tissues of the body but it constantly needs certain minerals and vitamins to further strengthen it else it might crack. Proper nutritional diet is ought to be absorbed by the body for the healthy nails. Keratin is the fibrous protein, responsible for formation of nails.
Vitamins – This is the most vital nutrient for thick and strong nails. Deficiency of this vitamin might lead to the formation of ridges or ridging in the nails.
Vitamin B8 – Biotin is main component of vitamin B8. It is usually present in the intestines. It enhances the produce of Keratin in the body. Rice bran, rice germ, peanut butter, eggs, wheat germ, whole meal bread, fatty fish, milk, cheese and yoghurt are rich source of biotin. The suggested quantity of Biotin for Men is 100-200 mcg; Women 100-200 mcg; Children 50-200 mcg and Infants 35 mcg.
Vitamin B2 – It promotes healthy nails. Riboflavin is the second member of the vitamin B complex group and is referred as beauty vitamin. It is stored in liver, kidneys and heart. Spilt nails occur due to deficiency of this vitamin in the body. The advised sum of the vitamin B2 for Men is 1.5 mg; Women – 1.2 mg; Children – 1.3 mg and Infants – 60 mcg. It can be acquired from vegetables like lotus stems, turnip greens, beets, radish leaves, colocasia and carrot leaves and fruits such as papaya, raisins, custard apples and apricots. Almonds, walnuts, chilgozas, pistachio nuts and mustard seeds are also rich in vitamin C.
Vitamin A – It is crucial for healthy nail growth. It is stored in liver and is absorbed well by the body along with the fats intake.Inadequate amount of this nutrient in the body leads to ridged nails. The recommended measure of Vitamin A for Men is 600 mcg; Women 600 mcg; Children 600 mcg and Infants 350 mcg. This quantity could be obtained from sheep liver, egg yolk, wholemilk, butter and ghee (clarified butter). Vegetables rich in vitamin A are colocasia, green turnip, drumsticks, beetroot, carrot and spinach. Mangoes, apricots, gooseberries, raspberries and oranges are fruits loaded with this vitamin constituent.
Vitamin C – This vitamin is responsible for the overall growth of the nails. Human body absorbs this vitamin in bloodstream through the upper part of the small intestine. Paucity of vitamin C causes deformed nails. The suggested quantity of Vitamin C for Men is 40 mcg; Women 40 mcg; Children 40 mcg and Infants 25 mcg. All citrus fruits and vegetables contain high measure of this nutrient. Fruits such as Indian gooseberries, guavas, limes, lemons, oranges, kiwi, strawberry and papayas and vegetables like raw red peppers, brussels sprouts, parsley, raw green peppers, tomato puree and cabbage are good source of vitamin C. All these food items must be consumed fresh in order to get maximum benefits.
Minerals – A few minerals are also important for the healthy growth of the nails. Lack of these might lead to brittle and unhealthy nails.
Calcium – To make nails strong one needs to have sufficient amount of calcium in the body. The ideal quantity prescribed for Men is 1200 mg; Women 1200 mg; Children 800 mg and Infants 500 mg. This advised measure could be acquired from milk and milk products. Also green vegetables such as green turnip, cauliflower, carrots, colocasia leaves, drumsticks, fenugreek and radish has excellent supply of calcium. Fish, mustard seeds, dried coconut, almonds and finger millet are some more source of this mineral.
Iodine – Nail condition is improved with iodine. The recommended sum of Iodine for Men is 150 mcg; Women – 150 mcg; Children – 83 mcg. Iodized salt, sea foods and spinach are the only source of iodine in the body.
Iron – It helps in overall growth of nails. It is stored in liver, spleen, and intestinal mucosa. Lack of iron causes nail problems. The quantity of iron that needs to be present in the body of Men is 10-12 mg; Women 15 mg and Children 10 mg. Wholegrain cereals, pulses and legumes and fish are rich in this mineral. It can also be consumed from green leafy vegetables such as dry lotus stems, cauliflower greens and green turnip while fruits such as black currants, water melons, raisins and dried dates.
Magnesium – It reduces scalp flaking. It is reserved in good quantity in the bones. Men must have 350 mg; Women 300 mg and Children 150-200 mg of magnesium intake everyday. It can be obtained from green leafy nuts, soyabeans, alfalfa, apples, figs, lemons, peaches, almonds, whole grains, brown rice, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.
Zinc – It is vital for the whole nail growth. It is absorbed through small intestine. The suggested everyday consumption in the body for Men is15 mg; Women 12 mg and Children 10 mg. Cereals, nuts and oilseeds are rich in Zinc.
Strengthen the nails by taking the diet containing all the mentioned vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are also helpful in the smooth functioning of other body organs and parts. Balanced nutritional
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