Herbal Home Remedy to Prevent Nail Biting

How to Prevent Nail BitingNail biting can be prevented by using the herbal ointment made from only aloe vera leaf. The taste and smell of aloe vera discourages the habit of nail biting. It also cures the nail infections if any.

Nail biting is referred as Onchyophagia or Anonychophagia. Nervousness, stress, hunger and boredom are the four main reasons behind nail biting. Children and even few adults suffer from this habit. It certainly must be stopped as soon as possible. Aloe Vera herbal home remedy can help to achieve this impossible task to stop biting nails forever. This remedy is a natural ointment which is much better than the chemical polish product.

Ingredients Required for Aloe Vera Herbal Ointment
This remedy only needs one fresh Aloe Vera leaf. The leaf is thick and fleshy. It has rich anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes it a high value medicinal herb. It also contains good healing properties. In addition apart from the external application it is even consumed internally as it has many health benefits. Only negative aspect about aloe vera is its pungent odor. This negative also changes to positive because it is main reason that would prevent nail biting. The scientific name of aloe vera is Aloe Barbaderis Mill.

Preparation of Herbal Aloe Vera Ointment to Prevent Nail Biting
First clean the aloe vera leaf in running water to remove all the mud and dirt stuck on it. Next with the help of a sharp knife remove its skin on both sides. Then take out the skin from front and back of the leaf. In this away all the aloe vera pulp shall be collected. While peeling, a sticky green color liquid shall ooze out but nothing to worry it is the aloe vera juice.

This medicinal plant is very high in liquid content so the juice comes out.

Now put the pulp in a double boiler to make the thick paste by boiling all the sticky stuff. The consistency of the paste must become thick. Turn off the flame and let the paste come down to normal temperature. Store it in an air tight glass jar and use it as required. Keep the jar in a dark place away from sunlight.

Usage of Prevent Herbal Ointment for Nail Biting
Take little ointment and apply it on the fingernails. Take the quantity that merges well on the skin without leaving it too sticky. Rub it well that it gets absorbed in the skin. Ensure to apply it on the edges of the nails too. Repeat it 3-4 times in a day.
The taste and smell of aloe vera is quite discomforting. Hence, when it is on the nails it discourages the urge to nibble the fingernails. Slowly and gradually the habit of nail biting shall be stopped perpetually.
Caution of Using Aloe Vera Herbal Ointment
It is natural that as it is rubbed on the nails initially little gel is consumed internally but don””t worry it has umpteen health benefits so no side effects would be seen. But a pregnant woman must not use this remedy because aloe vera””s anthraquinone glycosides are purgative.

This remedy shall surely put a stoppage to nail biting as well as cure the infections on the nails if any. So it is one remedy for two problems. If you have this annoying habit of nail biting use this remedy soon and free yourself from the social embarrassment too!

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