How To Maintain Your Nail

Nail Maintenance

A Few Important Tips:

A balanced diet shines on your nails.
After putting your hands in water a hand cream can be applied and for extra treat a good moisturizing cream needs to be applied at night.
An oily enamel remover prevents moisture loss from the nail plate and stops your nails from drying out.

Nail maintenance requires regular hand manicures. Do one yourself.
Wearing gloves is for protection of your nails from detergents and
chemicals, especially while washing up; also do not forget the cold
outside and then there is the housework and the gardening.
For speed-drying, instead of waiting you should run your nails under
cold water – not a blow dryer – for three minutes after applying the
final coat. Cold hardens enamel fasten than heat.
Trimming nails just after shower or bath is wrong as water softens nails making them shred during clipping.
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