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Meditation is the great aid to enhance the beauty. Deep meditation slows down the aging process and brings the attractive glow on the skin. This would sound astonishing but the fact is, it is possible. It has been tested and proved after numerous scientific researches.

Renowned scientists and doctors also recommend deep meditation for making internal body system healthy that in turn makes the person beautiful from outside.

Meditation Anti Aging

Aging is a natural process which is bound to occur with the ticking of biological clock but it can be slowed down with meditation. Stress is one of key factors of augmenting the aging process. A stress free mind can certainly postpone this cycle of looking old for sometime. In order to make the mind free of stress, best way is to do deep meditation. Perhaps Stress is a source of depression and anxiety to accelerate the aging process.

Researcher Robert Cosgrove, Jr., Ph.D., M.D. , and an authority in pharmaceutics and biomedical engineering, noted that using sound technology called Holosync entrains brain wave patterns, giving the ability to influence or create tranquility and control pain that leads to relief from stress. The brain waves gradually slows down from Beta, Alpha, Theta and finally to Delta. In the end individual feels deep relaxation and no stress. Hence, it helps in controlling the aging process. With regular practice of deep meditation wrinkles, fine lines, patchy skin, dark spot and dull skin is replaced with well toned, healthy and bright skin.

Meditation Face Brightener

Deep meditation takes the individual to a state “Body Asleep-Mind Awake”. Medical researcher Dr. Gene W. Brockopp explains this as enhanced behavior modification which put the person above the everyday emotions such as anger, pain, jealousy, excessive crying and so on. It happens because after the ears respond to the soothing music the brain wave patterns become more receptive and there is change in brain waves. The brain comes to passive state which means body sleeps but brain is awake.

In this condition mind becomes stable and analyzes the problems and tribulation more clearly and takes the decision accordingly. As a result individual feels happy, contented, and live life aesthetically. It leads to almost zero stress and focuses mind towards smooth functioning of body organs and this is shown through the charismatic glow on the face.

Meditation Antidepressants

Depression is the biggest enemy of beauty. The prerequisite of looking beautiful and attractive is to be out of depression. Deep meditation pulls the individual out from depression and puts him/her into the state of ultimate bliss. Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute reported that inducing brain wave patterns through the creation of binaural beats in the brain leads to brain synchronization.

It causes wide range of effects like focusing of attention, suggestibility, problem solving, creativity, memory, and learning. Hence, no scope for any depression left out and brain is engaged only in productive activities. This makes the individual happy and fulfilled from inside and beautiful outside.

Beauty through artificial mode is only superficial. Hence, broaden your horizon and acquire the real beauty through the everlasting ultimate growth that without human intervention shall be seen on the face. It has been validated scientifically too. Do not hold back yourself from this bona fide beauty. Meditate with right technique and let the beauty follow you!

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