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Essential oils namely lavender, benzoin, chamomile, lemon balm, sweet marjoram and jasmine are very helpful in solving the sleep tribulations. Any one of these can be used in three ways –foot massage and nail massage, adding few drops in water for bath and inhaling through hanky or putting few drops on pillow cover used for sleeping. These oils would stir up sleep surely.

Essential oils are the natural remedy to stimulate sleep. These are very efficient to kindle the good night snooze as it overcomes all the problems related to disturbed sleep such as insomnia, sleep apnea and restlessness etc. It can be defined as the aromatic liquid extracted from the sundry parts of a plant like leaves, stem, flowers and fruits. There are three conducts in which essential oils can be used for rousing sleep.

Massage with Diluted Essential Oil
It can be applied directly on the skin after diluting it in some other oil such as cold-pressed sunflower oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and so forth. The level of dilution varies on the basis of age. It is ideal to mix 8 -10 drops of essential oil in 25ml approximately five teaspoons of coconut oil for adults and teenagers. Massage the nails of hand

This would certainly cater to sound ralaxed Mind sleep.

Add Few Drops in Bathing Water
In order to fall fast asleep, take bath before going to bed. At the time of taking bath add 5-10 drops of essential oil in the bucket filled with water. This would lessen the pain and de-stress the body. The oil drops in water proficiently loosens up the body and smooth the progress towards sleeping.

Inhale the Natural Extract
It is also good to inhale the essential oil. Put merely 1-2 drops of oil on handkerchief or on the pillow at the time of sleeping. Ensure that handkerchief or the pillow cover is clean and utterly dirt free.

Specific Oils for Sleep
Essential oils are used widely for healing many health ailments hence depending on the problem the oil variant must be utilized. There are some explicit varieties of essential oil used for curing sleep disorders.

Lavender Oil:
This is the most preferred essential oil because of its great smell and power of healing. Few drops of lavender would make one sleep as it relaxes the nerves, relieves the pain and calms down the thinking process in mind. It is also an excellent anti-depressant and decongestant.

Benzoin Oil:
It is the idyllic essential oil for healing all sleeping tribulations as it has an immense calming and uplifting effect on the mind. It boosts the blood circulation and eases the respiratory track.

Chamomile Oil

Color of this oil is light clear blue. It has reassuring effect on the mind and body thereby induces sleep. Chamomile Oil is exceptional for sleeplessness that is caused due to anxiety.

Melissa Oil

It is also called as Lemon Balm. This oil is very useful for fighting depression and gives the sedative effect because of which it becomes effortless to fall fast asleep.

Jasmine Oil:
This oil has rich floral fragrance. It is quite helpful in curing the breathing difficulties and nervous exhaustion. It fights depression and stress hence solves the sleeping disorders.

Sweet Marjoram Oil:
Warming, comforting and sedative effects are specialty of this oil. As these three effects are important for a good snooze, sweet marjoram assists to a large extent to cure insomnia.

Use any one of these essential oils and free yourself from the frequent turning and tossing in the night. Natural remedy gives the everlasting solution without leaving any single side effects. Essential oil indeed would help in falling fast asleep. Try and see!

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