Herbal Sleep aids and Sleeping pills

Not all sleeping pills are created equal. Some work, some don””””t some have serious side effects . So how do you know which one you””””re getting? You need correct information.
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Please check the Herbs to help sleep for homemade sleep remedies.
Ayurvedic Herbal Sleeping pills

Following products are popular from Ayurvedic Herbs direct store

1. I Sleep Soundly, 90 ct, Banyan Botanicals

2. Jatamansi, 100 ct, Vadik

Organic herb aid for peaceful sleep

Peaceful sleep aid from Organic india store contains following herb.

  • Ashwagandha root
  • Krishna Tulsi Leaf
  • Gotu Kola aerial parts

Sleep aids from Herbal remedies Store

  • As a naturally-occuring hormone, supplemental melatonin may promote a more restful sleep
  • Natural peppermint flavor matches the top selling melatonin lozenges
  • Xylitol and sorbitol are better for dental health than other sugars
  • Suggested use: Take 1 tablet 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime
  • 100% Vegan / Vegetarian
  • Gluten free

Side Edffects of Over the counter Sleep Aids and pills

The trouble with sleeping pills, over-the-counter sleep aids, and medications
The idea of a pill that can instantly solve your sleep problems is very appealing. Unfortunately, sleep medications don””t cure the underlying cause of the insomnia, and in fact can often make the problem worse in the long run. Concerns about the use of both over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription sleep medications include:

Side effects. Side effects can be severe and include prolonged drowsiness the next day, confusion, forgetfulness and dry mouth.
Drug tolerance. You may have to take more and more of the sleep aid for it to work, which in turn can lead to more side effects.
Drug dependence. You may come to rely on the medication to sleep, and will be unable to sleep or have even worse sleep without it.
Withdrawal symptoms. If you stop the medication abruptly, you may have withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating and shaking.
Drug interactions. If you are taking other medications, sleeping medications can interact with them. This can worsen side effects and be dangerous, especially with medications such as prescription painkillers and other sedatives.
Rebound insomnia. If you need to stop the medication, sometimes the insomnia can become even worse than before.
Masking an underlying problem. There may be an underlying medical or mental disorder, or even a sleep disorder, that if treated would provide more relief from insomnia.

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