Hops herbs to help sleep | Sleep inducing herbs

Hops natual sleep herb relaxes the muscle function and central nervous activity thereby induces sleep. It is greatly helpful in solving sleeping disorders like insomnia.The tender leaves and female flowers of hops can be eaten raw or cooked. It is good alternative to enjoy this herb fresh and in its natural form over the processed tea, extract or tablets.

Hops gained recognition for its medicinal values in seventeenth century. Since then the sedative qualities and anti-bacterial effects of this native British plant is being used to cure sleep intricacies, restlessness, tension, anxiety and nervousness. It grows on the climbing vine and is a dioecious plant that means it produces separate male and female flowers. The female flowers look like leafy cone-like catkins and are known as strobiles. Dried strobiles have great medicinal value.

Hops Tincture for natural sleep
It is available in form tincture, liquid extract, capsules, tablets and tea. This beautiful plant is widely grown across Europe. Its tender leaves and female flowers can be used in its natural state for cooking purpose. The tender shoots are edible and full of flavor. It can be chewed raw or cooked as in salad or vegetable respectively. Even some tasty beverages can be prepared in a jiffy.

Hops Lemonade can help you to sleep
To make scrumptious hops lemonade first boil together 5 cups of water
with ½ oz fresh hops leaves, ½ teaspoon grated ginger and 1 cup
thoroughly cleaned mint leaves. Allow it to boil on low flame for 15-20
minutes so as to reduce the liquid to half. Then after strain the
liquid, add 2/3 cup brown sugar and stir continuously till the time
sugar dissolves completely. Let it cool down to room temperature. Pour
it in a long glass, squeeze 1 thinly sliced lemon, garnish with mint
leaves and serve.

How to Prepare Sleep aid Herbal Salad

Tender hops leaves could be used for making healthy salad. In a bowl take ¼ cup each of very tender hops leaves (wash it thoroughly in running tap water), chopped tomato, apple slices, raw green beans and cucumber. Add pieces of one hard boiled egg. Toss it well. To this add one tablespoon lemon juice, one tablespoon olive oil, pinch of roasted cumin powder and salt to take. Toss it one more time. Healthy salad is ready to munch.

Relaxing, sleep-inducing and antiseptic are few adjectives associated with this savor herb. It is safe in every respect but as nothing is gifted in every aspect in this universe hops too has contrary face. It should not be taken by those who are suffering from depression else hops consumed in any form would worsen the situation. Then it should not be taken during the first three months of pregnancy. Rest as it is always suggested to consult a doctor before starting any herb – do so with hops as well.

Hops is the key flavoring agent in beer but have it naturally and garner its benefits. This herb is having more evens than odds so single out hops as the naural herb sleep remedies for overcoming the sleeping tribulations. Sweet dreams and sleep well!

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