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Insomnia is the state when it is difficult to get sleep. This is the common problem faced by majority of adults. It can be cured with natural remedies like regular work out, massage followed by hot shower and proper breathing technique before going to the bed.

Tired and want to desperately sleep but cannot. Turning left side and then soon turning to right side or first lying on stomach then changing to lying on back. Also, keep crossing legs one way or the other. There is non-stop flow of thoughts in the exhaustive mind. This attempt of trying to sleep continues till early morning hours. If these entire symptoms sounds familiar then may be you are suffering from Insomnia. This condition refers to lack of sleep. Body experiences trouble in getting the much needed sleep.

This is a common problem faced by more than 75% of adults. The main causes for insomnia are depression, stress and anxiety. There are many sleep medication available in the market which can be taken as directed by the physician. Unfortunately all these medicines do help in getting the natural sleep but then the aptitude to fall asleep naturally is lost. Also it causes some long term side effects like walking in sleep, eating while sleeping or even get to driving during sleep. Hence it is best to go in for the natural remedies to cure insomnia. Recoup the beauty sleep here by practicing few trouble-free natural remedies.

Doze off After the Work Out
Regular exercise helps in regulating the natural sleep. Ensure to work out as least two hours prior to sleep. Apart from the exercise, swimming, jogging, walking and skipping surely would assist to fall fast asleep.

Gulp Down Chamomile Tea
It is best to drink chamomile tea an hour before bedtime. This herb is associated with drowsiness. It also helps in tranquilizing the muscles. It reduces stress and promotes relaxation and there by helps in getting peaceful sleep often considered as best natural sleep remedy.

Shower for Soothing Slumbering
Massage the nail of hands and feet with hot oil for 5 minutes. Soon after this take hot shower or natural bath for 5 minutes. If it is summer then take head bath too. Wipe off well and hit the bed.

Lights off! When Having a Lie-Down
Turn off the lights completely as darkness helps psychologically to get the sleep. Even a night lamp should be turned off.

Breathe Well for Much Required Snooze
Deep and long breath helps a lot in getting sound sleep. Inhale for five seconds followed by five seconds exhale. Also when inhaling blow your stomach outward same as when air is filled in a balloon and while exhaling pull the stomach inward similar to as balloon squeezes when air comes out. Repeat this 7-8 times before going to bed. Approximately on an average it would be six breathes in one minute. It might be tough initially but with continuous practice it can be done and would be useful.

Euphoric Music Aid to Have Forty Winks
Listen to the music that is pleasing to ears. Instrumental soft music that is similar to the rhythm of the waves or steady heartbeat pattern is the great choice for getting the sleep.

These remedies are simple to live out but for best results have to be continued with persistence. It certainly would assist in falling fast asleep. Adopt all these remedies in your lifestyle and sleep like a log everyday for the rest of your life!

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