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Passion flower is the aromatic plant that kindles sleep. It is processed and is made available in form of capsules, tablets, tea and tincture. Flowers, fruits and leaves of this plant could be eaten raw or cooked at home like syrup, tea or any other drink.

In folk medicine Passion Flower is termed as calming herb. It is extensively being used for different medicinal purpose because of its narcotic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, astringent, vasodilator, diaphoretic and hypnotic properties. The narcotic and sedative feature of this plant makes it immensely recommended to cure insomnia. It calms the central nervous system and mind thereby facilitates sleep. Every single component of passion flower is processed to produce tea, capsules, tincture and liquid extract. By means of infusion it is apt to take 2-5 grams of dried herb or 2-4 ml liquid two hours before hitting the bed then after get the long undisturbed sleep.

This tranquilizing herb is 100% natural and edible. The fruits, flowers and leaves of this medicinal plant could be chomped raw or cooked into delectable food stuff. Spaced out from the processed items it can be consumed in its natural form to get the much desired restful sleep.

Handy Multipurpose Syrup
The passion flower leaves syrup can be made and stored in a bottle. It could be used for making different mocktails and cocktails. In order to make this syrup take 2 oz. passion flower leaves, 4 oz water and 4 oz granulated sugar. First keep the water for boiling in a vessel. When the water starts boiling add granulated sugar along with leaves. Stir continuously till the time sugar dissolves completely in the water. Next switch off the burner and allow the liquid to cool down to the room temperature. With the help of a strainer, sieve this liquid and get the strong flavored syrup.

Make a healthy drink using this syrup. Take one glass water. Add one tablespoon each of passion flower syrup and lemon juice. Stir it well. Add few ice cubes and pour it into a champagne glass. Nice chilled drink is ready to sip it in the evening hours. This would relax the mind and nervous system and induce sleep.

Hale and Hearty Tea

Flowers and leaves of this plant can be used to make fresh tea that arouses sleep. Take 2 grams of dried passion flower leaves and flower. In a vessel take two cups of water. Put the vessel on the burner and allow the water to boil. Once the boiling point is reached add the dried herbs and continue boiling for next 10 minutes on low flame. After that turn off the burner and cover the vessel with a lid. After 7-8 minutes, sieve the liquid using a strainer. Add the sweetener if required. Drink this tea half an hour earlier to sleeping.

Passion flower is the plant that helps largely to overcome the problem of insomnia. This herb should not be taken along with other processed pills or medicines. Also people suffering from any disease or pregnant and feeding women should avoid it too. Hence, before using up this herbal remedy for sleep better consult the doctor first. Following the green signal from the doctor drink passion flower beverage, sleep well and get up fresh in the morning. Sleep like a log!

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