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For bright complexion, smooth skin and less wrinkles the diet is a very important factor. Dermatologists prescribe the taking of fish, fruit, and vegetables with olive oil for three consecutive days for a quick toning up of the complexion. Acne and pimples continue to be a source of worry and can be treated by diet alterations without taking recourse to drugs.
For a shining attractive complexion here are eating tips for healthy skin.
ACNE TREATMENT: Go for plenty of leafy vegetables oozing with the color green – like methi, spinach, amaranth/chowli, drumsticks etc. These are overflowing with anti-oxidants apart from being veritable storehouses of iron, zinc and vitamin c. According to Swedish research findings about 85% of acne infected women benefited within three months, when small doses of zinc were introduced to their menu chart. Zinc also breaks down old and helps to form new collagens. Women are more prone to iron deficiency which leads to dark circles below the eyes.
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