Natural Beauty Tips – Herbal Beauty Tips for Summers

Beauty Tips for SummersSummer is the care free time with only botheration of detrimental harsh sunrays. To protect the skin from any ailment make use of herbal beauty tips. This involves application of herbal sunscreen and using the herbal home remedies to relax the skin.

Summers can be defined as the season of blistering hot sun or time to enjoy plunge in the swimming pool or tragic sun burns. Well practically all three are correct but by following herbal beauty tips danger of blistering hot sun mainly the awful sun burns and other skin ailments can be brought in control. Then summers shall be all about fun and frolic water activities. These are simple herbal beauty tips that must be carried out everyday with complete commitment.

Protect the Skin with Homemade Herbal Sunscreen
Skin can be burnt easily in summers as the sun gets into full boom. The reason being the dreadful ultraviolet radiations emitted from the sun could any moment ruin the uncovered skin. Hence, always put the herbal sunscreen lotion on the entire body skin before putting the step outside the home. The quickest herbal sunscreen is the mix of aloe Vera pulp and rose water. Peel the cover of the aloe Vera leaf and take out little pulp. Mash the pulp in a bowl and add rose water to blend as in paste. Apply this paste all over the body 20 minutes before going out in the hot sun.

Aloe Vera forms the protective shield on the skin while rose water alleviated the typical odor of aloe era.

Sip Chilled Herbal Tea for Preventing Skin Dehydration
Summers make the throat dry and desiccated. Everyone seeks something chilled to drink so as to pacify the thirst. One such summer healthy drink is Herbal Tea. This tea has umpteen health benefits apart from being a good source of healthy skin. The tea sinks down the excessive internal body heat and flushes all the toxins out from the body. As a result the skin looks good as the internal system is clean and functioning well.

Use Herbal Home Remedies to Soothe the Skin
During this time of the year the skin dries out soon and needs regular care. Therefore it is vital to follow the beauty regimen of cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and toning. Carry this out with herbal home remedies as then the skin is never devoid of the required nourishment.

Soak the Feet in Herbal Water

Just 30-45 minutes before sleeping, soak the feet in the herbal water. To prepare this herbal water, boil 2 inch cinnamon stick in 2 cups water. Once it is fully boiled pour this water in the bucket of cold water. Add one teaspoon each of olive oil and lemon juice. Stir it well. Then soak the feet in the prepared herbal water for 20 minutes. All the body heat shall be relived in the water from the feet. Later rub the feet with pumice stone gently. Clean it once again with fresh water. Wipe it with a towel. Lastly, apply some coconut oil on the nails and massage it. This will not only de-stress the skin but also give complete relaxation to soul and body.

Along with carrying out these herbal beauty tips for summers ensure to keep drinking lots of liquids including 3 liters plain water and always keep the skin covered as much as possible from hot sun. This implies using the umbrella or scarf when out in the sun between 11 am to 5 pm. Take the efforts to implement above mentioned herbal beauty tips then there shall be no stopping for any enjoyment in summers!

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