Pimples on Neck – Home Remedies for Neck Pimples

Home Remedies for Neck PimplesNeck pimples are more common problem with men than women. However, it is still rare than pimples on the face. Thereby there are special home remedies to cure pimples on the neck. The reason behind neck pimples is regular hair removal that clogs the skin pores and also accumulated dirt on the neck.

Pimple on face is a common thing but something uncommon about pimples is that these can come up on neck also. It is the skin trouble that is more regular amongst men than women. The accumulated dirt on the neck when comes into close contact with the excessive secreted natural oil by the body oil glands it takes the form of a pimple. Another reason for pimple on the neck is shaving. Men regularly shave due to which the hair stops growing through the hair follicle and block the skin pores giving way to pimples. The problem is acute but could be solved with regular use of home remedies that uses ingredients from the kitchen. For best results the remedies have to be used more frequently.

Dried Onion Seeds Cures Neck Pimples
Wash one teaspoon dried onion seeds with water and soak it in milk for 8-10 hours. It is best to use raw milk for this remedy for curing neck pimples else boiled milk has to be used. Grind the onion seeds in the same milk in the mixer. Collect the mixture in a bowl. Now add 6-7 fresh lemon drops. Mix well and apply it on the pimples. Let it dry completely. It might take 10 minutes for some while other could take only 5 minutes. Once it is dried up fully rinse it off with water. Repeat it two times everyday. Soon pimple shall be gone forever.

Get Rid of Neck Pimples with Garlic
Grind 3-4 garlic cloves together in the mixer along with little water to keep the blades moving. Apply this crushed garlic on the pimples thrice a day for 3 days. The neck pimple shall disappear on its own without leaving any scar or mark.

Pomegranate Skin Treats the Pimples on the Neck
Mix together one tablespoon dry pomegranate skin powder and one teaspoon fresh lemon juice. Apply it on the pimple and wait for 15-20 minutes to let it dry totally. Later clean it with water. Use it three times in a day to see the pimple vanish from the neck. In order to prepare the dry pomegranate skin powder, first dry the pomegranate skin in the hot sun. Then dry roast it and grind in the mixer without water to make powder. Store this powder in jar and use as needed.

Assuage Neck Pimples with Fuller””s Earth Home Remedy
Take one tablespoon fuller””s earth powder, one teaspoon sandalwood powder and one tablespoon cucumber juice. Mix all three together to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the pimples. It shall take 8-10 minutes for the paste to dry up. Once done, wash it with normal tap water. Use this remedy once in every four hours for three days to get back the pimple free neck.

Neck pimples can be evaded if an individual practices high degree of personal hygiene. This implies keeping the neck free from dirt and never let it settle down on neck. And in case if it still crops up then bring in these home remedies for the rescue from the neck pimples!

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