How to Remove Neck Wrinkles using Pineapple and Olive Oil

Remove Wrinkle Lines on Neck using Pineapple and Olive OilPineapple and Olive oil takes very good care of aging skin. To use this remedy for reducing the deep wrinkles on neck, take 2 tablespoon olive oil, 1 cup of fresh pineapple crush and a teaspoon of rose water. First clean the face and neck with cleansing milk or raw milk. Then apply olive oil on face and neck. Give a slight massage giving upward strokes so that the oil is absorbed by the skin. Now apply the mix of pineapple crush and rose water with a brush on the neck as well as face. Allow it to dry. After 20 minutes clean face with water. This home remedy can be used once in a week for preventing wrinkles and controlling the same.

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