How to Apply Natural Body Pack on Normal Skin

Body Packs for Normal SkinNormal skin is naturally healthy skin tone hence undemanding to look after yet it can””t be completely ignored. Body pack is a must have for normal skin as well. The purpose of body pack is to alleviate the stress and postpone the appearance of aging skin signs mainly the wrinkles and patch skin.

Normal skin is the even tone skin having relatively less skin blemishes and patches. It lies in between dry skin and oily skin. This implies it is neither greasy nor dry. It is mostly clear and the texture of skin is smooth. This is trouble-free to care as there are no specific requirements. However, the regular beauty regime of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating is a must in order to last the natural beauty for long. Similarly, the body pack too is essential minimum once in a month or ideally twice in 30 days. The body pack is applied on normal skin so as to slow down the aging process and relieve the stress.

Massage the Body with Essential oil
Give a thorough massage to the body skin with any essential oil namely lavender, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, olive oil or coconut oil. Massage is done to improve the blood circulation and make the body strong to withstand the odds. Oil massage also develops the resistance power. Take any oil of choice and warm it up little. Start massaging the body from shoulder till the legs. The duration should be half an hour. Then lie down with eyes closed for 15 minutes and cover the body with a cotton bed sheet. The oil shall be absorbed by the skin pores till the bottom layer.

Apply Rice Flour Papaya Body Pack
To prepare the pack for the normal body skin, take 1 cup rice flour, 1 cup papaya pulp, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon rose water. Mix all four ingredients together. Add water as required to make smooth paste without any lumps. Apply the paste on the body skin from top to bottom with a flat brush. Allow it to dry in natural air. It might take 20 minutes or less for the pack to dry completely. Subsequently take the shower and pat dry the skin.

Rice flour in the pack exfoliates the skin and makes it soft, papaya nourishes the skin with required nutrients, honey maintains the moisture level and rose water soothes the skin. Soon after applying the body pack the body relaxes all its muscles and slight drowsy feeling is experienced. If body and mind seeks to rest through sleep then allow to do so. A small nap shall be vital to re-vitalize the body. Just ensure that there are no worries or tensions in the mind at that moment. It is so because if there are some disturbing thoughts in the brain then body would not relax and the entire purpose behind the body pack shall be defeated. Enjoy the body pack with a thought-free mind and rejuvenate completely to resume the daily routine with new energy and fresh approach!

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