Dry Skin Herbal Almond Night Cream

Night cream to dry skin is like dress to body. It not only gives a protective shield to the skin but also is sure way to repair all the damaged skin cells and tissues while in deep sleep. It also re-establishes the slack muscles of the face. A homemade almond herbal night cream is a good option to nourish the dry skin.
Components Required for Making Herbal Almond Night Cream
Almond oil: ½ cup
Rose water: ¼ cup
Beeswax: 30 grams
Borax Powder: 10 grams
almondAlmond Oil contains monounsaturated fats, vitamin E and other powerful nutrients that repair the damaged cell membranes and assists in growth of new skin cells. The antioxidant nature of almond oil heals the dehydrated skin and offers strength to hold up the moisture thereby skin looks smooth on the top surface. Almond oil is known as Prunus Dulcis in scientific terms.
rose-waterRose Water is the best natural skin freshener. It cleanses and tones up the skin cells. It is rich source of antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties due to which it safeguards the skin from all the skin related threats such as pimples, acne, sunburns etc. It is extracted from rose having the scientific name as Rosa.
beeswaxBeeswax functions to revitalize the mature and stressed skin cells and tissues. It acts as a binder and as an emulsifying agent in the cream. In scientific terms it is called as Cera Alba.
Borax improves consistency of the cream. When comes in contact with beeswax it gains the emulsifying properties. It also assists in getting rid of the bacteria and dead cells from the skin. Scientifically it is called as Sodium Tetraborate.
Preparation Technique for Dry Skin Herbal Night Cream
In a pan melt the beeswax on the low flame. Then add almond oil to the melted wax. Stir it well. When the mixture is blended well, add slowly the rose water and continue to stir. Turn off the flame. In another vessel heat 10 ml water and dissolve borax powder fully. There should be no lumps. Mix this with the prepared mixture while stirring it constantly to get the uniform texture of the cream. Pour it in the air tight jar. Do not close the lid as allow the mixture to settle down in next 24 hours. In this time duration the almond cream shall be set in the jar and become ready for application. Keep the air tight container away from sunlight.
Directions to Use the Dry Skin Almond Night Cream
As the name clarifies it is the night cream to be used for dry skin every night before hitting the bed. Cleanse the face and neck thoroughly with good cleansing lotion before applying the cream. Then take little herbal almond night cream on the tip of the index finger and dab it equally on neck, cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Using all the finger tips gently massage the dabbed cream on the entire face in upward direction. Move the fingers in anti-clockwise motion. Soon all the cream shall be absorbed within the skin layers.
Herbal Almond Night Cream for dry skin shall nourish the skin and retain the natural moisture of the skin overnight. In the morning, the skin shall become so soft, supple and smooth that it shall be difficult for you to keep your hand away from the face. It would surely happen like this, you don’t believe? Try out yourself!

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Remedy for asian dry skin problem?

Asian skin is very sensitive

Asian skin is typically characterized as more sensitive than Caucasian skin because of the structure of the epidermis—the top layer of the skin. Asian skin typically has fewer oil glands, which leads to a lack of sebum production and a thinner epidermal layer. This makes it more prone to sensitivity, irritation, dehydration, and other skin problems.


1. Cleanse gently twice a day with a mild foam cleanser.

2. Apply a toner after cleansing to remove oil and impurities.

3. Use a light moisturizer or facial oil to maintain hydration.

4. Exfoliate weekly to remove dead skin cells.

5. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day.

6. Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

7. Reduce stress levels to keep skin clear and balanced.

8. Switch to gentler make-up and beauty products.


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