Chinese peal powder face mask recipe

In Earlier days women had to make use of natural homemade beauty care from items available in their kitchen or garden as there were no commercial beauty treatments available in the market.
Facials were done at home with natural ingredients and home items such as milk, eggs, herbs, fruits and other Kitchen products. Different type of Natural beauty treatments were followed by different societies. While European women preferred elderflower to lighten their skin spots, the Chinese preferred honey suckle for skin cleansing. 

Benefits of Pearl Facial:

Chinese beauties used pearls to make their skin attractive. They used to drink mix of pearl powder and hot water for their skin treatment. Chinese medicine shops still sell pearl powder. Pearl powder is an ingredient of certain Chinese creams. Pearl face packs for whitening the skin are also available in some specialty stores. These home made face packs for facials use pearl powder from the Chinese medical shops.

Pearl powder facial recipe at home:
Before starting with the facial we must follow the below steps-

Step 1:
Clean hands thoroughly with soap and water.
Step 2:
After cleaning all equipments used for facial such as bowls, spoons, utensils and cups, you must sterilize them with warm water. (Note: Glass items must not be boiled as they may crack and be injurious. Likewise plastics which are not meant for boiling may melt with heat and must not be boiled.) As cleanliness is very important for home facials we must ensure hygienic condition of all surfaces used for facial.
Step 3:
Keep 2 cotton pads ready soaked in rosewater.
Step 4:
For making the paste, add enough of boiled water to a mixture of 1 teaspoon of pearl powder and 1 tablespoon each of kaolin and rice flour.
Step 5:
Fill a bowl with a handful of rose petals.
Step 6:
Set a kettle fill of water for boiling.
Step 7:
To avoid your hairs cover your face, wear a shower cap or a hair band.
Step 8:
One tablespoon of skimmed milk, a clean towel and some cotton pads must be kept handy.
This makes you ready to start with your facial.

Natural facial using homemade Pearl Powder face mask
  • For cleaning your face wipe it with a pair of cotton pads dipped into a bowl containing a tablespoon of milk. The remaining milk must be discarded.
  • Clean your face with lots of water to wash off the milk and oil if any.
  • Clean your face with a homemade scrub of almond flour mixed with a tablespoon of milk.
  • Clean your face off the scrub with the help of lots of water.
  • Use a clean towel to wipe your face dry.
  • Fill the bowl containing rose petals with boiling water.
  • Steam your face by using a towel to cover your head over the bowl in the form of a tent. Always remember to keep your face 20 cm away from the bowl. (Warning: If you are asthmatic avoid taking steam as this may cause an attack. People with thread veins must also skip steam in order to avoid worsening of their condition.)
  • Feel free and wait for ten minutes to allow the steam clean your face.
  • Cover your eyes with a pad soaked in rosewater.
  • Apply the home face pack on your facial skin.
  • Keep this facial mask on for 30 minutes and allow it to dry.
  • After this remove the dry mask and the eye pads with clean hands.
  • Finally, clean your face and wash off all the remains with plenty of water.
  • Apply the toner of your choice on your face.
  • Finish off with applying pearl cream over the face and neck.

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