Homemade Facial Mask recipe for sensitive oily & dry skins

What type of facial mask can I use for my type of skin?Different skin types should invest in different types of homemade face masks. If you have an oily skin then go for a mud or clay mask which will absorb the excess oil buildup. Similarly people with dry skin should try a hydrating and creamy mask. People with sensitive skin can use a light, gel based mask. If you have a combination type skin then you might have to use more than one mask at different positions of face to spot-treat distinctive problems. As For example, zits along your T-zone can be zapped with the help of a deep cleansing face mask while the cheeks can be kept soft by using a moisturizing face mask. For best results, choose such a mask so as to target your specific type of skin and also addresses the skin problems that you have.

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