What are the remedies for Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is caused due to excessive sweating. It results in redness along with rashes on the neck and back. It can be brought under control by applying pastes like sandalwood, neem, and fuller’s earth and so on so forth. Medical help is not required if these remedies are being practiced.

The red itchy rashes seen on the skin in summers is certainly nothing else but prickly heat. This initiates from the neck, later might spread to chest and back. It is also called as heat rashes or sweat rashes. In medical terms it is referred as miliaria.

These rashes occur due to excessive hot temperature in the atmosphere. In summers because of extreme scorching heat and humidity in the air the dead skin cells and bacteria blocks the sweat glands. Consequently, sweat does not come out on the skin. This hinders the proper purification of blood and leads to skin inflammation that result in red rashes on the skin.

First sign of sweat rashes is constant itching followed by redness on the skin. Very tiny boils just like grains can be seen on the affected areas. These are dark red in color which gives the burning feel.

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