Sandalwood Paste Natural Remedy to cure Prickly Heat

prickly heat does not require any medical treatment. The rashes can be well controlled with prickly heat natural remedies to be carried out at home. Sandalwood paste for Prickly heat is one remedy which do not cause any side effects in any case.

Sandalwood Paste
To prepare the sandalwood paste, on a stone put little water and rub it with a sandalwood piece in circular motion. If required add few more drops of water. Collect the paste in a small bowl and mix it with rose water. The quantity of rose water should be only limited to make it a smooth flowing paste and not liquid.

Alternatively to make it more simple and quick mix equal quantities of sandalwood powder (easily available in the market), rose water and few drops of water. Apply it on the prickly heat affected skin.Allow it to dry naturally. Later wash it off with plain water. This would help to control prickly heat to a large extent.
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Prickly heat remedy what to do

Prickly heat can be temporarily treated at home by taking the following steps:
1. Stay cool – keep your body temperature low by wearing loose and light clothing. Avoid aggravating your symptoms with too much physical activity.
2. Stay dry – wear fabrics that will keep you cool and use natural products, such as talcum, to absorb your sweat.
3. Cleanse the area – take a cool shower or bath with mild soap to cleanse the area and help soothe soreness.
4. Use hot-and-cold compresses – add inflammation-reducing properties to your treatment by using alternated hot-and-cold compresses.
5. Use moisturizer – use an unscented, moisturizing lotion to hydrate your skin and keep the area from itching and become inflamed.
6. Adjust your diet – avoid spicy foods and alcohol, as they can make the condition worse.

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