Natural remedy to skin allergies

Mango Ginger Natural Skin Allergy Remedy

Human skin can be allergic to any substance. This would vary from one person to other. However, any kind of skin allergy can be treated with one common home remedy. It is the massage with special oil. The main ingredients of the oil are mango-ginger powder and grounded bitter gourd.
Mango-ginger powder is referred as Curcuma Amada in Latin where as Ambia Haldi in Hindi. Bitter Gourd is called as Karela in Hindi. Both items should be thoroughly dried in hot sun before proceeding with oil preparation. Dry the two ingredients then make a fine powder separately. Later mix 2 tablespoons of each powder in 200 ml oil. As such any oil can be used but ideal would be coconut or olive oil. Alternatively, mustard or almond oil can also be used.
Ensure to mix the powders and oil very well achieving a perfect blend. Store it in any dark bottle and shake it well before using the oil.
To apply the oil on allergy affected skin, first meticulously clean the infected skin and apply the oil gently on the skin. Ensure quantity of oil taken for application is moderate neither too much that it drips nor too less that it cannot be spread evenly on the skin.
Once the oil is applied, gently massage the skin for 7-8 minutes so as to allow the skin to absorb the oil. Leave it as it is for few hours. Use this oil regularly till skin is free from allergy.
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