Coconut Olive Almond Skin Nourishing Cream – DIY

A good skin cream is like half a battle won from the environment miseries such as pollution, dust, dryness etc.  In addition it also contributes in postponing the aging effect on the skin. Apart from the skin nourishing cream available in the market one can also go in for herbal skin nourishing cream prepared at home. This homemade cream being free from all chemicals and preservatives shall do more justice to the skin. Also, it is having many benefits that sound insignificant but in true sense are crucial. For instance, it is prepared from the ingredients readily available in the market, it is made quickly, to a large extent cost effective and very easy to use etc.
Ingredients for Herbal Skin Nourishing Cream
Coconut Oil: 3 Tablespoons
Olive Oil: 2 Tablespoons
Almond Oil: 1 Tablespoon
Beeswax: ½ Tablespoon
Borax: ½ Teaspoon
coconutCoconut Oil consists of small molecular structure due to which it is absorbed quickly within the skin. After being absorbed inside the skin the antioxidants present in the oil prevents the formation of free radicals (due to which skin looses its elasticity) in the skin. It makes the skin soft and smooth. Its scientific name is Cocos Nucifera or Coconut Palm.
olive-oilOlive Oil is the ancient beauty secret. It gives the extra conditioning to the skin hence it is an important component of homemade herbal nourishing cream. Olea Europaea is the scientific name for olive oil.
almond-oilAlmond Oil is a non-greasy skin essential oil. It is almost complete source of minerals and vitamins vital for the skin nourishment. It very well lubricates the skin tissues and cells. In scientific terms it is called as Prunus Dulcis.
beeswaxBeeswax in this herbal cream is responsible for skin tissue regeneration and renovation. It also acts as anti-irritant, antibacterial and purifying agent thereby ensures that the skin gets the required prevention and nourishment. Scientifically it is known as Cera Alba.
BoraxBorax gains the emulsifying properties when combined with beeswax which is added in the cream to enhance the consistency. It is helpful in eliminating the bacteria, oil and dead skin cells. The scientific name of borax powder is Sodium Tetraborate.
Method for Herbal Nourishing Cream Preparation
Put a vessel with a heavy base on the gas burner. Keep the flame low. First put the beeswax and allow it to melt completely. Ensure to stir continuously. Once the beeswax becomes liquid add coconut oil and mix well. Next add olive oil and almond oil in the mix. Blend it nicely. Turn off the gas. Take another bowl and heat 3 tablespoons water. Then turn off the burner and dissolve ½ teaspoon borax powder in it. Ensure there are no lumps in the borax mix. Add this borax heated water to the oil mix drop by drop, stirring continuously. The cream shall be ready to apply once it cools down. Store it in an air tight container and keep the jar away from sunlight.
Directions to Use Herbal Skin Nourishing Cream
Apply it twice in a day on the face and neck to give the skin required moisturizer, nourishment and protection.  This is a concentrated herbal nourishing cream which should be used in a quantity that is absorbed well in the skin without making the skin look greasy.  Reap all the benefits of herbal skin nourishing cream. It can be prepared at home hence surely give it a try. After all after experiencing it only you would say that it is done easy than said, check it out yourself!

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