How to Make Herbal Nourishing Oil for Combination Skin

Herbal Nourishing Oil for Combination SkinNourish the combination skin natural way with herbal nourishing oil. It fulfills the nutrient requirement and repairs the damaged skin cells of face and neck. It can be used for the complete body skin too.

Combination skin herbal nourishing oil takes an evenhanded care of the skin. This implies as it is a combination skin some parts shall be dry skin while rest could be oily skin.Hence, this oil balances it all and caters to enriched skin. This oil can also be used for the entire body skin apart from face and neck.

Ingredients Used for Preparing the Herbal Oil for Combination Skin
Sunflower Oil: 1 Oz. (28.3 grams)
Lavender Oil: 10 Drops
Bergamot Oil: 5 Drops
Clary Sage Oil: 5 Drops

Sunflower Oil is extracted and processed from the sunflower seeds scientifically known as Helianthus Annuus. The oil safeguards the skin from skin allergic reactions. It assists in healing the damaged skin cells and tissues. It forms a defensive screen on the top of the skin that restricts the access of bacteria towards the skin.

Lavender Oil soothes skin till its bottom layer. It disinfects the skin and improves the blood circulation. Scientifically it is known as Lavandula augustifola or Lavandula officinalis.

Bergamot Oil has the cicatrisant property that makes the distribution of pigments and melanin even and uniform within the skin layers resulting in the fading away the dark spots or marks on the skin if any.

Scientific name of Bergamot is Citrus Aurantium var. or Citrus Bergamia.

Clary Sage Oil relaxes the stressed skin. Salvia Sclarea is its scientific name.

Combination Skin Herbal Nourishing Oil Preparation Method
In a vessel pour sunflower oil. Then add the drops lavender oil, bergamot oil and clary sage oil. Stir well with a spoon to blend all the oils together. Transfer the prepared oil in a dark glass bottle. It is suggested to use a bottle having a dropper as it shall be convenient for the application.

Directions to Apply the Herbal skin Nourishing Oil
Beauty experts recommend cleansing the skin thoroughly before applying any moisturizer or nourishing lotion/oil. The reason being, when the skin is not clean the dirt stuck in the cells does not allow the nourishing oil to heal and repair the dead skin cells and tissues. Therefore, first cleanse the face and neck skin with homemade/cosmetic cleansing lotion and slightly pat dry. Leave the skin little wet as the absorption of the oils in the herbal nourishing oil shall be better.
Next, with the help of dropper on the palm of one hand take only 4 drops of above combination skin nourishing oil and 6 drops of lukewarm water. Mix it well and with the index finger apply on the skin. Massage it gently in anti-clockwise direction for 2 minutes and let the skin relax. Soon the oil shall penetrate inside the skin layers leaving the top skin surface smooth and supple without any trace of stickiness.

Tips for Usage of Herbal Nourishing Oil for Combination Skin
This oil is the natural remedy for healthy skin. It must be used before sleeping in night as the absorption of all the ingredients present in the herbal nourishing oil is much better. In addition the skin cells and tissues are able to get most of the benefits of the oil. In winters when skin needs more care it can be used once in morning as well (1/2 an hour before bath).
Whether it is summers, winters or monsoons skin care is crucial. Coddle the combination skin with this herbal nourishing oil and it would express its happiness in form of amazing natural skin glow. Surely you too want that skin glow!

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