How to Make Normal Skin Winter Herbal Strawberry Mask

Herbal Strawberry MaskNormal skin usually does not get affected too much in winters but if the weather conditions become too extreme the skin can get dried out. Hence, strawberry herbal face mask provides the necessary moisturization and safeguards the skin.

Normal skin is the most balanced skin that is almost same for the entire year. However as winters demands special care for all skin tones, it does not spares the normal skin as well. The face mask for normal skin would aim to thoroughly cleanse the skin, remove any buildup of sluggish cells and intensify the blood circulation. To achieve all these objective it is best to go in for herbal strawberry face mask for normal skin in winters.

Ingredients Needed for Winter Herbal Strawberry Face Mask
Strawberries – ½ cup
Rice Flour – ¼ cup
Almond Oil – ½ teaspoon

Strawberries are rich in salicylic acid. This acid plays a vital role in getting rid of the dead cells from the skin. It is also helpful in making the skin pores small and removes all the dirt present on the skin. It has the capability to enhance the skin immunity and its resistance power to withstand the extreme weather conditions. It performs all these actions on skin gently without making the skin strained. Scientifically it is known as Fragaria.

Rice Flour acts as a binder in this face mask. It balances the skin moisture content and offers the skin new vitality. It also has the skin soothing and healing properties required for preventing the facial wrinkles. The scientific name of rice is Oryza sativa.

Almond Oil is the essential oil that never lets the skin dry or dehydrated because it has the property of restoring back the lost moisture and if required it fulfills the moisture deficiency itself. It is easily absorbed within the skin layers and is a great emollient. It soothes the skin irritation and inflammation. The scientific name for almond oil is Prunus Dulcis.

Method for Preparing Herbal Strawberry Face Mask for Normal Skin
Clean the fully ripped strawberries scrupulously under the running water to ensure it is dirt free. Then puree the strawberries in the blender without water or may be very little water to keep the blades moving. To this semi-liquid strawberry puree, mix rice flour and almond oil. Mix well. The consistency of the mixture should be moderate.

Way to Apply Normal Skin Winter Herbal Face Mask
Mix the mixture well with a flat brush. Now apply it on the face and neck skin that is before hand well cleansed with the cleansing lotion. Leave the eye and mouth area. Move the brush in upward direction. Once the paste is spread all over the face and neck, allow it to dry for 5 minutes. Re-apply the paste after 5 minutes one more time. Hold the mask on the face for another 20 minutes. Later remove the mask from the skin with lukewarm water and gently wipe the skin with soft napkin.

This strawberry mask should be used once in seven days. There are possibilities that the normal skin also gets dried out partially in winter weather conditions therefore use this herbal face mask and be in safe zone. Rest, have fun sipping hot coffee!

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