How to Make Skin Brightening Herbal Pack

Skin Brightening Herbal MaskThe herbal skin brightening pack is also called as “Anga Raga Lepa”. It is made using all natural herbs having high medicinal value namely haritaki, neem, mango bark, dadima flowers, jasmine flowers and rose water. All these ingredients can be procured from an Ayurvedic shop.

Body skin needs the special herbs pack that not only revitalize it but also provide the brightness because the entire body skin withstands lots of environmental tantrums to give the protective shield to the intact internal body system. The skin brightness shall be achieved if the layers of skin are fully de-stressed. This herbal skin brightening pack would do the needful. It is also known as “Anga Raga Lepa”. It can be explained as “Anga” refers to body skin, “Raga” entails brightening and “Lepa” implies external application. So when all put up together this is the pack for body skin brightening. The creator of this herbal pack is great Sushruta, the Father of Surgery.

Ingredients Required for Herbal Skin Brightening Pack
Haritaki (harida) powder: 2 Tablespoons
Neem leaves powder: 2 Tablespoons
Mango tree bark powder: 2 Tablespoons
Dadima flowers powder (dry): 2 Tablespoons
Jasmine leaves powder: 2 Tablespoons
Rose water as required

Haritaki powder (Scientific name- Terminalia Chebula) has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties due to which it cures varied skin ailments. It serves as the nutrient supplier to the skin in the pack. In addition it is also used as a vital ingredient in anti aging medication.

Neem leaves powder (Scientific name- Azadirachta Indica) purifies the blood and has anti-fungal properties. Hence, it is able to make the skin healthy and flawless thereby

Mango tree bark powder is also called as Vimang. Its antioxidant properties soothe the tired skin and helps in curing the skin allergies if any.

Dadima flowers powder (Scientific name- Punica Granatum) being antiemetic and antidiarrhoeal in nature relieves the body fatigue and capably alleviates the allergic skin rashes.

Jasmine leaves powder
(Scientific name- Jasminum Nudiflorum) repairs the damaged skin cells gently. It also eliminates the body exhaustion and has anti-aging properties which mean it tones the skin well by minimizing the wrinkles.

Rose water is the most important ingredient of this pack as it binds all the powders together to form the paste and offers the skin with all the indispensable nutrients it needs to radiate beauty.

Method to Prepare the Body Skin Herbal Pack
All the ingredients must be fine powder having the smooth texture except the rose water. Dry mix all the powders in a bowl. Then make a paste by adding rose water. Put the rose water little by little to get the semi-liquid consistency that easily spreads on the skin without dripping.

Application Technique of Herbal Skin Brightening Body Pack
Massage this paste on the entire body skin moving the fingers in the anti-circular direction for 10 minutes. Keep the pressure of fingers gentle yet firm. Hold it for next 5 minutes. Then after take bath with lukewarm water. Do not ever use soap if using this pack. It must be used twice in a week for best results. Keep the powders mixed in mentioned quantities and store it in an air tight jar. Then it shall be less time consuming to use the pack.

This herbal paste provides skin brightening through thorough skin cleansing, relieving the body muscular pain and nourishing the skinwith required nutrients. It is a natural pack made from herbs rich in medicinal properties. Make it as an intrinsic part of your regular skin care and notice the positive remarkable changes in the skin!

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Where do we get these powders.. Not available easily.. Can we find them online .. If yes pls provide a link if possible…

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