Traditional Lemonade Recipes

Basic Southern-Style Lemonade

Southern-Style-LemonadeThis lemonade is not hard to make at all-it’s really very straightforward and forms the basis of all the lemonades above, provided you do not find that the fruit juices you add produce enough sweetness to cut back on the sugar ratio. The perfect lemonade strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and tartness. Because I recommend using light amber agave, raw spun honey and organic sugar for these recipes, this makes determining the appropriate level of sweetness more of a personal preference. The best tip I can give you about finding that balance is to create the right water to lemon juice ratio and that is typically 6 cups of water for 1 cup of lemon juice. After that, I say add sweetener to your taste. Some people like it sweeter and added fruits (especially the super sweet ones like watermelons and pears) can reduce the amount of sweetener your gourmet lemonade needs.
You will need:

  • 1 cup of fresh lemon juice
  • 6 cups filtered water
  • 1 cup organic sugar, raw spun honey or light amber agave nectar to taste
  • 6 lemon slices, reserved

Mix together well and chill.
Vintage Style Lemonade
Vintage-Style-LemonadeRemember that lemonade your grandmother used to make? If you are dying to taste it, again, this lemonade recipe will offer a cure for your nostalgia.
You will need:
1 Southern Style Lemonade Recipe with sugar , lemon juice and water reserved in three separate bowls The rinds from the lemons juiced for the recipe, reserved
With a pairing knife or peeler remove lemon rinds in strips taking care not to cut too close to the lemon as it causes the rind to become bitter.
Pour s the sugar over lemon rinds in a bowl.
Bring the 6 cups reserved water to a boil and pour over the sugar and lemon rinds.
Add the lemon juice and pour into a glass pitcher. Mix well.
Allow to come to room temperature and chill.
Classic Orange Juice Lemonade
Classic-Orange-Juice-LemonadeThis classic take on lemonade contains fresh orange juice to add a depth of flavor and color. Who would have guessed?
You will need:
1 Southern Style Lemonade Recipe
½ cup fresh orange juice
4 fresh lemon slices, reserved
Mix well and chill.
Classic Lemon Lemonade

Classic-Lemon-LemonadeLemon-limeade is twice the fun and flavor of a regular lemonade! It’s easy to make and packs a punch that your senses are sure to remember. This very easy recipe just requires some lemons, limes and some reserved wedges.
You will need:
The same Southern Style Lemonade Recipe except the juice should be half lemon half lime juice. 1 lime, cut into slices/wedges
Mix well and chill.
Vanilla Honey Lemonade
Vanilla-Honey-LemonadeThis sweet plantation-style recipe is one to remember-if you have some fresh vanilla beans, they would be good in this recipe, too.
You will need:
1 Southern Style Lemonade Recipe (make sure to use raw spun honey in this recipe as your sweetener)
1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract
1 fresh vanilla bean (optional)
Mix well and chill.

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