Drink Mint Juice for Healthy and Shiny Skin

The key to beautiful vibrant skin in summers is drinking lots of liquid in some or the other form. Fresh Mint juice, not only you but also offers wonderful health benefits! Here, Our Beauty Tips would explain you about the preservation method of Mint juice for skin.
Have Mint Juice for Shining Skin
Mint is green vegetable jam-packed with its cooling effect. Make this juice in few simple steps. First, clean one cup of mint leaves and half cup of coriander leaves very well in running water. Chop it roughly. To this add juice of half lemon along with cumin powder, black salt and common salt as per taste. Grind this mixture in a grinder using water. Strain the liquid and put some ice. Drink this in summers and give the relaxing effect to the skin internally so as to make it glow externally.
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