Make Your Face Oil Free

  Summer Face MakeupYou must buy ”oil-free” and ”non-clogging” make up and oil-free and oil absorbing makeup foundations.Instead of concealer you can use face powder to absorb extra oil. Although concealer covers up spots and blemishes, they clog your pores too.

After blotting out excess sweat and oil with a tissue, light
application of face powder is required with a few brush strokes. 
Hiding pimples with a heavy make-up is wrong. Looking at computer for
hours leads to tired, itchy, red and swollen eyes.

Excessive sunlight
also causes irritation.   For taking care of your extremely delicate
, daily application of cool slices of cucumber for 5 to 10 minutes
on your eyelids is essential. Excellent cooling agent, cucumber soothes
your irritated skin.  Check  more eye care tips

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