How to Prevent Body Odor

Summer Beauty Tips On Body OdorA deodorant cannot stop sweating. Body odor is a natural phenomenon occurring due to bacteria from stale sweat. Armpits, feet and groin lets out odor due to presence of sweat glands. People sweat a lot in these places which is unable to evaporate which leads to formation of bacteria causing a bad smell. Body odor is also caused by bacterial infections, fungal skin infections, poor hygiene, – athlete”s foot, and metabolic disorders. The following cool tips will give you comfort.

Daily shower and regular change of clothes (2-¬3 times) are essential.
Daily application of deodorants (2 – 3 times) is important.
An aluminum – chloride based preparation reduces excessive sweating.
An anti-fungal preparation containing chlotrimazole 1 % or miconazole 2% can soothe your athlete”s foot.

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